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 Job Title Job Type Position Shift MRT Category Salary
SSO Rider (GROSS UP TO $3,800)Full timeSSODay--3800 MaxDetails to Apply
Area Operations ExecutiveFull timeOERotating--3500 - 5000Details to Apply
Operations manager (Security Guarding)Full timeSSSRotating--4000 - 5500Details to Apply
Operation ExecutiveFull timeOERotating--2800 - 3500Details to Apply
Mobile Team with MotorBikeFull timeSSODay--3012 - 3400Details to Apply
Security ExecutiveFull timeOERotating--3500 - 3800Details to Apply
SO for MacRitchie assignmentFull timeSODayMarymount-2700 MaxDetails to Apply
Operations Manager SecurityFull timeOMRotating--3500 - 5000Details to Apply
SS Floater for South ClusterFull timeSSDay--3100 MaxDetails to Apply
SSS Floater for South ClusterFull timeSSSDay--3450 MaxDetails to Apply
SSO Floaters (5,6 days work week)Full timeSSONight--3000 MaxDetails to Apply
Senior Operations ManagerFull timeOMDay--7500 - 8500Details to Apply
Compliance Officer - SecurityFull timeSSDay--3500 - 4000Details to Apply
Security ExecutiveFull timeOERotating--2500 - 3000Details to Apply
Senior Safety & Security ExecutiveFull timeOEDay--3000 - 4000Details to Apply
Operation ExecutiveFull timeOERotating--2500 - 3000Details to Apply
Security ExecutiveFull timeOERotating--3500 - 3700Details to Apply
Night Patrol OfficerFull timeSSNight--3000 - 3200Details to Apply
Operations ExecutiveFull timeOERotating--3000 -4000Details to Apply
 Job Title Job Type Position Shift MRT Category Salary